About Us

We are a technology company specialized in Property and Casualty Insurance Claims Software, Development and Integration of Custom-Built Applications.

With our software, you not only get the benefit of technology that streamlines operations and reins in expenses, you also get pros who know the quickest routes to customizing functionality to support your business practice.

We help our clients identify and capitalize on their most important business and technological opportunities, and provide solutions to their most critical challenges.


Sister Companies

In 2008, and in order to expand in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Axiom made the strategic decision to be a co-founder of  Softmeans s.a.r.l. in Beirut, Lebanon.


Want to work for Axiom?

Email us your resumé. We would love to hear from you.


-Samir Salem, President


Our Team

Samir Salem, Operations and Software Architecture

Alan Oman, Sales Strategy and Marketing

Nicholas Prater, Software Development

Leslie Salem, Finance and Integration

Charles Bou Saba, Managing Partner, SoftMeans

Tony Chalita, Managing Partner, SoftMeans


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